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VAF for Blackmagic Cameras


A Solution to Aliasing and Moiré for Blackmagic
Cinema, Pocket, and Micro Cinema Cameras.


26 January 2016: Please contact us if you plan to use this filter with the upcoming Micro Cinema Camera - we are currently in the process of confirming the correct mechanical fit of the filter in this new camera.

The VAF-BMC-MFT is our optical solution to the video moiré and aliasing artifacts of the Blackmagic Design Pocket, Cinema, and Micro Cinema Cameras.

  • True optical correction before video image capture – no postproduction software filters or processing.
  • Filtered video is much more cinematic and smooth, without distracting false "digital" aliasing artifacts and moiré.
  • Effective in both RAW and compressed / ProRes formats.
  • Minimal impact on inherent camera sharpness.
  • This page is under construction; please check back again soon!
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This initial demonstration video illustrates the typical effect of the VAF-BMC-MFT filter on a scene with high-resolution detail that causes moiré and aliasing artifacts:




This video demonstrates the installation and removal of the VAF-BMC-MFT: