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Large Format

Luma 4 x 5 solution - Technically the first and only solution. Gives what you really want: technical camera motions and unlimited lens selection. All other digital one-shot backs that attach to a 4 x 5 either limit you to long focal length lenses or to no motions. The Luma 4 x 5 solution gives both.

Tilt & Swing animation
     The recessed mounting board for the Luma brings the sensor forward while leaving the standards apart giving them freedom to swing and tilt. The recessed electronic shutter lets you attach Nikon lenses with optics perfect for the 35mm format, including the widest lenses available. You can also continue to use any lens and shutter for your 4 x 5 camera. Video viewing on the computer or auxiliary monitor makes a ground glass unnecessary. (Or, of course, an interchangeable one, useful in rough setup, is available as well.)

Big Gun preview      Image shot with 28mm lens at f/11 using 30° of swing to focus continuously on the barrel from end to end.

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Big Gun Setup preview
     Side view of setup showing the Sinar P2 used to shoot the gun. The bag bellows necessary for such wide angle work has been removed to show the lens and sensor locations.

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F3.5 preview        Pins preview       
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