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Luma Specifications

Developed by the industry's most experienced engineering team, Luma digital camera backs offer photographers all the benefits of digital photography without changing the way you work.

Luma digital camera backs surpass the competition with unique features including:
  • Superior Color Reproduction.
  • Live video with multiple auxiliary monitors (NTSC/PAL).
  • Standard FireWire connectivity - no additional software or computer cards required.
  • Camera back quickly rotates for complete portrait and landscape versatility via unique release mechanism.
  • Exposure time: longest is user selectable up to 3 minutes. Shortest is unrestricted.
  • Powerful software that's easy to learn and use.

Backed by an industry-leading warranty and technical support team, Luma digital camera backs are the professional's choice for high-quality digital imaging.


  • Luma 11 (11 megapixels) 4008 x 2672
  • Luma (6 megapixels) 3072 x 2048
  • 3.6 cm x 2.4 cm CCD

Sampling Bit Depth

  • 14 bits per color channel
  • (42 bits RGB)

Real Dynamic Range

  • 4000:1
  • 12 f-stops

Output Image File Formats

  • Luma 11, 8-bit RGB TIFF: 30.6 MB
  • Luma 11, 16-bit RGB TIFF: 61.3 MB
  • Luma, 8-bit RGB TIFF: 18 MB
  • Luma, 16-bit RGB TIFF: 36 MB

Available Camera Interfaces

  • Fuji GX 680 (I, II, III)
  • Hasselblad
  • Mamiya RB, RZ
  • Most 4 x 5 cameras
  • All interfaces are 4-way rotatable and quick-release for complete portrait/landscape versatility

Host Computer Requirements

  • Firewire™-capable desktop or portable Macintosh
  • Minimum 256MB RAM
  • VRAM to support "millions" of colors

Host Computer - to - Camera Back Interface

  • Firewire™ (IEEE 1394)
  • Virtually unlimited distance
  • Hot-pluggable

Power Supply

  • Power provided by Firewire™ connection


  • Compatible with all standard lighting: strobe, tungsten, HMI, daylight, etc.
  • Software color calibration to any light source


  • ISO selectable from ISO 25 to ISO 200

Exposure Time

  • Shortest: unrestricted
  • Longest: programmable up to three minutes

Capture Rate

  • One image every 1.5 seconds

Live Video

  • Monochrome RS170 output (NTSC or PAL)
  • One or multiple auxiliary video monitors
  • Up to 5 frames per second


  • Suppresses blooming from specular highlights up to 7 f-stops over normal saturation


  • Approximately one pound (.5 kg)

Luma Studio Software Features

  • Capture to computer RAM or disk
  • Export 24-bit or 48-bit TIFF
  • Save in compact (lossless) 16-bit native file format
  • Contact Sheet
  • Histogram metering
  • Visual tone range highlighting
  • Pan, Zoom
  • Tape Measure tool
  • Loupe tool
  • Moveable and scalable overlay Grid
  • Multi-point tone curve control
  • Separate or combined R, G, and B toning
  • "Push" for digital exposure control
  • Real-time visual feedback for toning changes
  • Gray balance with single or multiple neutral points
  • Color profiling using Macbeth™ ColorChecker™
  • Multiple Exposure
  • Full-screen viewing mode
  • Selectable "Developing" modes: Proof (fastest), Normal, and Portrait (superior artifact suppression)

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