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VAF-5D2b Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter: Installation

(See Also: Removal)

Important Notes

Camera OFF while Mounting / Dismounting Lens  If certain lenses are removed from the 5D Mark II while it is turned on, their iris setting may be misread by the camera when they are reinstalled.  (This issue is unrelated to the VAF-5D2b, and can happen even if the VAF-5D2b isn't being used.)  The power on/off instructions included below will ensure that this doesn't happen.  If you inadvertently remove a lens with the camera on and cause this to occur, the solution is just to manually adjust the camera iris control to fully open the lens, and then to re-adjust it to your desired f-stop.

Avoid Touching Optical Surfaces  As with all precision coated optics, fingerprints and smudges on the VAF-5D2b can degrade image quality, and can be challenging to remove completely (especially when you're in a hurry.)  When handling the VAF-5D2b, be extra careful to avoid touching its optical surfaces.

Live-View Timeout  Whenever you press the "Live-View" button to raise the 5D Mark II's reflex mirror, the camera initiates a time-out cycle, which will close the shutter and drop the mirror after a finite interval of time.  This interval is usually about 2 minutes, but can be much shorter in certain circumstances – for example if the camera is hot, or if its battery is low on charge.  Make sure to install the filter assembly without delay after you press the "Live-View" button.

  • Find an area as free of dust and dirt as possible.  Remove the VAF-5D2b from its container (being careful not to touch the optical surfaces) and make sure that the VAF-5D2b is itself free of dust and contaminants.
  • Turn the camera OFF (see Note above), remove its lens, and turn the camera back ON.
  • The top, labeled surface of the filter, must face towards the top of the camera.  You will see that the label indicates this also.
  • Press the camera's "Live View" button (to the immediate left of the viewfinder) to raise the reflex mirror.
  • Gently slide the VAF-5D2b into the camera below the raised reflex mirror; it will stop as it comes to rest on the four mirror positioning posts.  Be careful that your fingers don't touch the front optical surface.
  • Do not push hard!  The VAF-5D2b installs easily, with very little force.  If it seems you need to press hard on it then something is wrong – for example you may be trying to insert it upside-down.
  • Make sure that the filter is inserted all the way into the camera; it’s front edges will be flush with the surrounding area within the camera body.  But again, do not push hard or attempt to force the filter into position!
  • Turn the camera OFF, reinstall the lens, and turn the camera back ON.
  • Go and use your 5D Mark II as usual to shoot some great video!