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VAF-60D Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter

For the Canon 60D:  A solution for 1080p moiré and aliasing.

This unique, precision optical accessory for the Canon 60D produces a profound correction of the 60D's well-known 1080p video moiré and aliasing artifacts.

All our current VAF-series filters (including the VAF-60D) incorporate our newest and most advanced optical designs: for excellent performance with wide-angle lenses, and minimal focus disparity.

  • No reduction of 60D 1080p video resolution for most lenses.
  • True optical correction before video image capture – no postproduction software filters or processing.
  • Easily installed or removed in less than 20 seconds.
  • 60D H.264 codec compresses with better quality with the VAF-60D, because false, high-frequency, aliased image components are eliminated before compression.
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Video Demos and Reviews

Please note that the following reviews and videos were produced with and in relation to the VAF-7D, rather than the VAF-60D, because the corresponding materials specific to the VAF-60D have not yet been generated at this point in time.  However, because the 7D and 60D share a common image sensor, and furthermore because the VAF-7D and VAF-60D have very similar optical performance, the VAF-7D materials are largely representative of what can be achieved with the VAF-60D.  Additional resources specific to the VAF-60D will be published here as they become available.

Cinema 5D has produced the following review of the VAF-7D (direct link at; see also the related article at


Director / Cinematographer Glenn Przyborski (Przyborski Productions, Inc.) has used the VAF-7D to produce the following video (direct link at of the interior of a submarine with the 7D.  This available-light demo nicely illustrates the performance of the VAF-7D when imaging highly-detailed subject matter at large apertures:


Director / Cinematographer Glenn Przyborski (Przyborski Productions, Inc.) has also produced this brief introductory video (direct link at illustrating the effect of the VAF-7D on 1080p taken with the 7D:


Please view the above video at full HD 1080p resolution; as the severe effects of color aliasing and moiré are much more pronounced in video than in still images.  Nevertheless, purely for convenience here, the following (downsampled) frames extracted from the video, give a concise impression of the effect of the VAF-7D:

First, a fabric lens case, as normally imaged by the 7D in 1080p - showing pronounced colored banding as a result of aliasing:

Next, the same lens case, imaged under exactly the same conditions, however using the VAF-7D - with the colored banding and moiré very successfully corrected:


Again, please see the source video of these images ( in the full native 1920x1080 resolution.