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VAF-D600 Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter: Removal

(See Also: Installation)

The VAF-D600 is easily removed from your camera in just a few seconds.  Before beginning, please note:

Cleaning  If you accidentally touch the filter's coated optical surfaces, fingerprints can be easily wiped away using a just a single drop of alcohol on a piece of soft cotton cloth.  Most alcohol-based lens cleaners can be used as well.  As with any optics, avoid vigorous scrubbing, and be careful not to drag abrasive particles across the surface.

  • To remove the filter, simply reverse the installation steps.
  • Using the tweezers provided, gently lift the VAF-D600 and extract it from the camera.
  • You can press the shutter release button in "Mup" mode to keep the reflex mirror raised during removal, or just gently let the reflex mirror fall on its own to its normal lowered position as the VAF-D600 is removed.
  • We recommend that the VAF-D600 be kept wrapped in the provided lint-free optical cloth for storage, in order to keep it free of dust and any other contaminants.