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VAF-70D Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter

For the Canon 70D:  A solution for HD video moiré and aliasing.

This new, precision optical accessory for the Canon 70D produces a profound correction of the 70D's well-known HD video moiré and aliasing artifacts.

All our current VAF-series filters (including the VAF-70D) incorporate our newest and most advanced optical designs: for excellent performance with wide-angle lenses, and minimal focus disparity.

  • No reduction of 70D HD video resolution for most lenses.
  • True optical correction before video image capture – no postproduction software filters or processing.
  • Easily installed or removed in less than 20 seconds.
  • 70D H.264 codec compresses with better quality with the VAF-70D, because false, high-frequency, aliased image components are eliminated before compression.
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Video Demos and Reviews

We produced the following demo video as a brief, initial demonstration of the effect of the VAF-70D on a typical 70D 1080p HD video recording of a complex scene (direct link at